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Serenades to a Priceless Princess

Welcome to Serenades to a Priceless Princess,

What an evil web we weave, when first we set out to decieve. Love and devotion poetry.

. I See an Eagle
Do you remember the first letter,
I gave you not so long ago.
I still drop in a few lines,
To let my feelings flow

I am writing yet another,
Beneath a rising moon.
A message entwined in verse,
Will be spoken aloud soon.

Whenever I see an eagle,
In a cloudless sky,
Love turns to reality,
Letting out a silent cry.
Yearning to be so free,
Obsessed to be as one;
Understanding what you see,
May be possible under love’s sun.
Accepting one’s responsibility as,
Rains wash reasoning out of sight,
Restoring to light a love,
Yes! A love so bright.
Mesmerising eyes have my heart.
Eternally, our souls will never part.
. Inside
It sits in a room;
Alone, yet in touch,
With a world it has not seen.
But a world, it has experienced.
Crimson walls surround it;
Closing in on it’s existence,
Then retreating once again,
With relentless time and measure.
Unable to speak and see,
It’s only senses, feeling and emotions.
All these and more handicaps,
Would have you believe it as useless.
Alas, with it's communicators aid,
It is a powerful being;
So powerful, and so ancient.
It continued to exist through the millenniums;
As we continue to live our lives,
So too will it live and flourish.
With added inspiration,
The poet's heart will continue to converse,
With those who are willing,
To listen and understand,
It's communicator.
. Long Time Passing
As time passes from year to year,
It all becomes so crystal clear,
You may think of me as a tall oak,
But I am only so through your love, no joke.

I need you more as the years pass by,
I crave your essence and euphoric high.
In you I see myself and glow,
For without you I am but a shadow.

I am but a poor poet,
Somehow I think you know it,
I simply can’t tell you enough,
I can’t live without your love.

In all honesty I can’t remember how long,
It has been between a serenade or a song,
Please forgive my forgetfulness,
For I do and will love you none-the-less.
. Rhyme and Reason
On a warm summers night,
As we watched the sun set into the west,
These thoughts flood into my mind;
Like the sea by which we are caressed.

Rhyme and reason,
Reason and rhyme,
Time in season,
A season in time.

A love in blossom;
Such a beautiful sight.
A love more vibrant,
Than a candle lit night.

A love both pure and simple.
A love that can try,
The feelings with no answers,
That needn't be questioned why.

This feeling that transcends,
Not a lust but a love.
With my heart it ascends
Into the heavens above.
. Wounded in Action
A tremor;
The heart has been moved,
From bliss to blunder,
Love to anger,
The heart has been moved.

A tear;
Falls along the canals,
Coming to rest upon the heart,
Where it hits and tears at,
What is left of right or wrong.

A moment of anger;
Sets it's course through the veins,
Ripping at the heart once more,
No reasons for it's actions,
Just an unending "never wrong" thought.

An apology;
Although not needed,
Is sent forward at haste,
Only to be crushed on impact,
With a cold yet shaken wall.

The remnants;
Of the apology are returned,
To the heart from which it was sent,
Suffering from an unknown confusion,
It ages and dies that little bit.
. Writings of an Anonymous Poet
To be loved and to love,
Is an achievement in it’s self.
But to be friends as well as lovers,
Is to grasp an impossible wealth.
Rarely will two individual entities;
Without provocation or knowledge of the other,
Come together so smoothly and passively,
As Nature surely goes to its mother.
Yet this united being suffers,
The intolerable pain of persecuting peers.
A once impenetrable piece of marvel,
Now shrouded in uncertainties and fears.
Through all the trauma and torment,
Placed upon the path of this unison,
Like a rubber ball they in turn bounce back,
Enduring the compression and withstanding the expansion.
Alas, the rubber ball can only last,
As long as a rubber ball can.
Are these the writings of an anonymous poet?
Or are they the cries of a mistaken man?
. Mariah's Fire
In a room of ying and yang,
I sit with the winds of Mariah.
Their images rose in tune and sang,
If only to confuse all sense of desire.

Although there's no loneliness in being alone,
The void is prone to an uneasy torment.
It can be eased by word of the phone,
But it's intention is lost all be it meant.

Soul mates they say never part,
They manage to find each other forever.
But absence from the other grabs the heart,
They both see hell hanging on a thin tether.

Months fit into eternity two fold,
Carried by the winds of Mariah.
The only inspiration to keep the heart from cold,
Is to feel the warmth of your fire.
. Intended Ploy
Delighted to here your new name,
Another derived of the Gaelic fame.
Righteous and just causes of the same,
Insights revealed for this strange game.
Oh, the game of life has it’s joy,
Night watches this child with it’s toy,
Reaching and twisting with intended ploy,
Once again Mother cries out, OI !!!
Come one and come they all,
Cries through this fleshy wall.
Oh, to dance and gait down the hall,
I know that we shall come this fall.
. A New Sense
Something tells me it’s going to be all right,
Loving and listening all through the night.
A new sense of considerable power and might,
Developing within this child of the night.
Even as this yet unborn continues to grow,
Eventually it’s gender we shall finally know.
Zest, energy, full and ready to go,
Racing forward to start the show.
Answers that will soon be revealed,
Returning of the flowers to a barren field,
Oppressors will fear the power that you wield.
Changing their views on a world healed.
Come and dance with me,
Over here, with the other three.
. A Silent Thought
I tried to write a love song
I thought about writing a poem.
I ended up writing this note,
That you can read at home.

It’s a place where I want to be,
Is closer than I thought,
Once over the Sea of Tears
I arrived in a safe port.

Within this port's fortress,
Whose walls aren’t of stone,
I find that I’m never lonely,
Although I way be alone.

This port offers variety,
More than can be told.
This port is in my blood,
Here I'll stay till very old.

You can't find this port on any map;
Nor can it be seen from the skies above.
For you are this port
And It is you that I love.