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The forementioned website in itself does not collect any information about it's users, excepting weblogs which record ISP addresses and query strings of clients. At no time is any personal information recorded, stored, or is it released to any third parties.


Contact Details:


We will use your contact details (your e-mail, name and url's) to respond to your emails (Sent via submission forms on the above mentioned websites). We then delete all trace of those emails (excepting the URL's which are added to the database : for the search engine 3Dgear4U). At no time are any of the details on these emails released to Third Parties.


Voluntary Information


This information (as mentioned in Contact Details) will be used to enable us to improve our website or online service. We will not disclose specific information to any third party; only aggregate information.




Although 3D Poetry does not use 'Cookies', promoters advertising on these websites may use cookies to gather valuable information about how users move around their sites. This enables them to understand how their sites are used and to make improvements. The information they gather by use of cookies does not include personally identifying information.

3D Poetry, Affiliates and Advertisers use 'Cookies' for the purpose of tracking sales generated by affiliate members and in no way contain personal information.

Statistical information


The weblogs for 3D Poetry are only ever viewed by the Anthony (Tony) Corkery (Owner of the above mentioned website). Under no circumstance is the information contained within these logs released to any Third Parties.

The information contained in these logs are : -

This information is used by Anthony (Tony) Corkery to monitor the performance of 3D Poetry.