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Four (Illusion)
La Porte
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Black Widow
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Four (Illusion)

Four (Illusion) was added to the Scenes library on the 8th of March 2010

Why Four?

Four is by far my most favourite of all the images that I have created.

She encompasses every facet of my life. In the fact that nothing is as it seems. Everything has the possibility to be an illusion.

There are layers upon layers, each more detailed than the previous.

Although this was one of my earlier pieces, it still captures me now, and I haven't been able to recreate it since.

Four, as the name implies, was the fourth rendition of the idea. The illusion of an illusion.


Caught was added to the Scenes library on the 21st of June 2008

Why Caught?

Caught, Hmmm, I was still trying to learn how to use the programs at the time.

I honestly think this was when the "Muse" found me and hasn't left since.

Although the image is pretty basic, it was a stepping stone to enhanced techniques, both with photo manipulation and rendering.

Another reason for it being a favourite, is that my wife took a real liking to it.

At the time of making this image, she wanted to put an axe through my computer. Guess she got caught!


Global was added to the Fractals library on the 11th of October 2014

Why Global?

As you are no doubt aware, I have a true fascination for fractals and fractal artwork.

This image stayed on my wife's computer for years.

I like this image because of two main reasons.

#1 The fractal program I was playing with at the time was churning out some incredible visions.

#2 I was in the middle of creating another character for V4 (Victoria 4, for Poser) and she turned out so much like Drew Barrymore. Well, I'll be honest, the character was based on her anyway.


Slayer was added to the Portraits library on the 20th of August 2010

Why Slayer?

Why Not?

An early piece that turned out just right, without even trying.

What can I say, the "muse" just did her thing.


Full was added to the Portraits library on the 7th of March 2015

Why Full?

I was going through a phase where it was just easier to just buy the content from Daz and R'osity, than to create the content.

So I whacked together some of the old stuff with the new, tweaked a few things.

When I rendered her, I think the "muse" allowed me to finally see her. The eyes. So hypnotic.

La Porte

La Porte was added to the Scenes library on the 19th of June 2010

Why La Porte?

Another early piece, that just spoke volumes. I still remember doing this image. It was not an easy creation. The computer kept crashing, render's turning out like crap.

But I persevered with the concept, and learnt a great deal along the way.

At the end of the day, she spawned bigger and better things.

Rogue Etaine

Rogue Etaine was added to the Portraits library on the 9th of July 2015

Why Rogue Etaine?

Shaya Etaine has always fascinated me. The boys are big on their anime, and when you look at some of the films they are amazing. Final fantasy still blows me away.

Anyway, I was in the middle of creating a new outfit based on Etaine, and used a character from Maddelirium at R'osity to showcase the outfit.

Well damn, once she was rendered she looked so much like Evangeline Lilly (one of my favourite actresses), I ended up using this character in a lot of images. The Muse had morphed once again.

MockingJay Rose

MockingJay Rose was added to the Scenes library on the 3rd of August 2015

Why MockingJay Rose?

Let's be honest here, who didn't like the Hunger Games Trilogy. Well, it inspired a lot of people in a lot of different ways. A close friend cut her hair like the blonde warrior in the later series.

Anyway, I was inspired as well. So I decided to replicate (with a lot of poetic license) some of the outfits.

And of course I had to use the Evangeline Lilly look a like character again.

Black Widow

Black Widow was added to the Fractals library on the 9th of October 2014

Why Black Widow?

Come on, intriguing isn't it. If only Vincent Price's spider looked this hot!

But seriously, when I first started out on the "World Wide Web", I had a primitive website up and running and it was called Dincara's Lair. Now Dincara is a backward spider derived from some of my teenage poetic ramblings. And the logo was a primitive square web.

This web looks a lot better. Oh, and so does the spider.

Gotch Ya

Gotch Ya was added to the Scenes library on the 28th of August 2016

Why Gotch Ya?

I started doing a character, and content for Victoria 7 (genesis 3) and was experimenting with Daz3D Studio. Meet Aeron.

And, like most things I do, I spent months and months putting a package together for Aeron.

And then I give it away for free at R'osity. But hay! It's what I enjoy doing.

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