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Feeling Blue 2020

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Posted on the 12th of May 2020

Time has come to give the Queen of the Silver Branch a Face lift. There is no denying that Aeron is a force to be reckoned with. She is Bandroi trained, a master of the sword and many other weapons..

The Hallway 2020

Tried to create something totally different, and it wasn't working, so The Muse  ... see more below

Enter 2020

Enter the world of 2020

Paired 2020

Love this hair, just playing with ideas

Fractal Eyes 2020

Just playing around

Aeron Portrait 2020

Regal Aeron portrait 2020

Thought of Life

Thought of Life ... Going thru a portrait phase.  Aeron struts her stuff.

My Lady 2020

Reflecting on COVID 19, there is always a positive in any negative, it just depe ... see more below

Perspective 2020

A different perspective to 2020.  WOW

The World 2020

Looking at the world in 2020, Definitely different times.

Skirted 2020

Working on an outfit for Aeron

Court 2020

Been working on Aerons armour top and came across this amazing set by SloshWorks ... see more below

Ride On 2020

A tribute to a good family friend. Ride in Peace.

Kingdom 2020

Aeron parades before her kingdom wearing her birthday suit.  Still working on her hair.

The Throne 2020

Still working on Aerons Hair and playing with her dragons


Aeron is anticipating a surprise attack, she waits in quiet to surprise her attackers.

Aeron 2020

Been working on Aeron for a while, she has aged, been through some battles, but  ... see more below

Dual 2020

Debating whether to continue working with her hair. Just not looking right.

Trinity 2020

Still working on Aeron's hair.  Getting there, but still not happy with it.

Without Walls

Without walls, who do we become.  Thanks for looking.

The Final Wall

Perspective is an amazing thing. Please zoom in.  There is a lot of detail and s ... see more below


Working on Aerons tattoos.  Hoping everyone is well.

Aerons New tattoo

Working on Aerons tattoos.  Hoping everyone is well.