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Posted on the 2nd of June 2017

One of my favourite characters custom designed and influenced by the phoenix and dragon. Aethel had long hair and intelligence to go with it

Double Trouble

What to say, where is the party.

Dark Trinity

Well hello there.

Assassins Assassin

Now, who in the room does not know what a Drow is. Well from what I can gather,  ... see more below

Assassin Snow Draft

A lot of work goes into the finer details that not everyone sees. It took nearly ... see more below

My Lady Queen Aethel

Well the muse did me proud. This just all fell into place. She did all the work, ... see more below


Compiled this for a competition. Dead last. Actually don’t know, but it did not get a place.

Ready or Not 2017

Hide and Seek.

Midnight Assassin

Playing around, trying to sort things out

Help is on its Way

Now the muse is warming up for …

Face to Face

The girs get together for a chat.

Ready Steady

HAIR, Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Aethels Hair WIP

Hair, yep still a evil obsession.

Phoenix Tears Fancy Dress

Gotta love the goth look.

Take a Chair

And she is taking ownership of the stage.

Aethel The Poser

Aethel was fast becoming the new girl in town

Aethel and Aeron Hell Fire

Aeron come along for the visit.

Wedding Blue

Really starting to like daz now.

From the Darkness Within


War Paint Last Stand

Its like leaving an old girlfriend. BUT poser, we can still be friends.

Bridal Party

The lighting is all starting to come together

Red Phoenix

I can work with this.

Let us See Now

Yep, all of a sudden daz was working for me.

Aethel Updated Logo

I liked this logo, once again the muse was hiding in the shadows.

Out of the Box 2016

Wall paper effect.

WIP Phoenix Hair Getting There

Ah stuff it, you get the idea. Aethel was quite rebellious.

Twin Phoenix

Working, more and more with poser and then….

Aethel Debut

And then they keep you locked to the computer.

Phoenix Hair WIP

Obsessions with hair never go far away, they just hide in the closet.

Phoenix by Aethel

And from the ashes shall rise power, intellect, beauty, and destruction.

Dream Walker 2016 HD

It all started with the eyes. Dreamwalker from the Sword of truth series, I used ... see more below

Dream Walker 2016

And so Aethel was concieved.