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Out of the Night

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Posted on the 26th of November 2018

Calliope, the muse of all muses. Images of fantasy combined with reflections and light. Dark mood and atmosphere, deep character. And of course Tattoos


Fourth Shade

Just a quickie for the road.  Catch ya later.

Three Shades of Calliope

Still a work in progress, but the muses have been demanding task masters. Althou ... see more below

Sith Armor Demo

Hi folks, just an illustration of what I have been working on.  Still need to UV ... see more below

Mord Sith 2018

Finally, I have the skill set to create outfits for my favourite characters. Wit ... see more below

The Muse Returns Home

Calliope returns home to visit her confessed.

Calliope Confesses

Calliope openly admits she has a fascination with reflections, but then again, i ... see more below

Confessor Calliope

Calliope has been busy working on her Confessor dress.  Many trials and tribulat ... see more below

Decided in 2018

Calliope has decided what to wear on her adventures as a muse, or assassin.  Let the night decide.

Devils Horns

Having a win with the lighting.  Calliope is off to a concert, hence the Devils Horns.

Dresser Call

Dresser call for Calliope ... Deep in thought, deciding how to appear, and how t ... see more below

Deep Reflections

Crazy idea, that sort of worked.  back to the drawing board

Deep in thought

I would like to introduce Calliope ... The Muse of all Muses ... a new addition to the family