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Morrigan Dress 2

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Posted on the 13th of November 2019

The name Morrigan means 'phantom queen' (or 'great queen') and describes a Goddess from old Ireland that was very associated with war, destiny, fate and death. She was a shape-shifter and frequently appeared as a black crow, an ominous sign for those who saw her prior to battle.


Morrigan Dress 1

The muse has inspired me again, working on a new dress and Shoal.

I Believe Too

Out of the darkness ... I must return to work.

I Believe

Clap your hands, and say 'I believe in fairies'.
Every time you say you don't b ... see more below

Porcelain Army

Playing around with Instances. Hope you like

All about the Entrance

Yep, It's all about the entrance.

The Pen and the Sword.

An image of a thousand meanings and twists.
At first glance someone's heart is  ... see more below

Come to Me 2

Effect wasnt working on some screens

Morrigan Come to Me

Come to me, in all your glamour and cruelty. Lines from Lady Gaga Artpop. Breaki ... see more below

Scythe Warrior

The muse has to credit for this one.  I just let her do her thing and here she i ... see more below

Morrigan Warrior 1

Spawned from an old idea spotted on a poster many years ago

Morrigan Bike

The Author declined to add a comment to this desktop Wallpaper.

Fairy Godmother

This one just appeared out of no where

Morrigan Fairy

Saw an image and was heavily inspired

Iris X 3

Working with Morrigan's Iris's

Morrigans Iris

Morrigan's Iris

Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, Shape shifter queen of ravens.
 ... see more below

Morrigan Photo Shoot

Morrigan puts her clothes back on.

Morrigan Pin Up (Naked)

Photo shoot with Morrigan, and she got her gear off.  No modesty here.

Morrigan at 21

TWork in progress with Morrigans hair and skins

Morrigan Tester 2

Ttesting skins, apparently too pale.  back to the drawing board.

Morrigan Tester 1

Running skin tests on our new character, Morrigan.