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Posted on the 18th of September 2019

The name Morrigan means 'phantom queen' (or 'great queen') and describes a Goddess from old Ireland that was very associated with war, destiny, fate and death. She was a shape-shifter and frequently appeared as a black crow, an ominous sign for those who saw her prior to battle.


Fairy Godmother

This one just appeared out of no where

Morrigan Fairy

Saw an image and was heavily inspired

Iris X 3

Working with Morrigan's Iris's

Morrigans Iris

Morrigan's Iris

Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, Shape shifter queen of ravens.
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Morrigan Photo Shoot

Morrigan puts her clothes back on.

Morrigan Pin Up (Naked)

Photo shoot with Morrigan, and she got her gear off.  No modesty here.

Morrigan at 21

TWork in progress with Morrigans hair and skins

Morrigan Tester 2

Ttesting skins, apparently too pale.  back to the drawing board.

Morrigan Tester 1

Running skin tests on our new character, Morrigan.