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Posted on the 13th of January 2020

A random collection of 3D Poetry's images that they have created for fantasy based backgrounds, wallpapers, and home screens.


WIP Close up Aeron 2019

Working on a new character, no post work done, except softening the edges of the ... see more below

WIP Aeron 2019

Working on a new character, no post work done, straight out of the render.

Jux 2019

Working on a single render juxtaposition, with minimal post work.  Hope you like.

Gothic Knights

Found this old dress last night.  Thought I would try it on again.  Seems to fit ... see more below

Sorrow 2019

Inspired by a lot of things, David Bowie, my new t shirt, fire and ice and all things nice.

Positive Society

Positive Society,

Symbols have been used for millennia, and they have been tu ... see more below

Shaiya Reborn

By far one of the hardest renders I've ever done.
Took forever to render, so I  ... see more below


Oxytocin and Blessed Be, two very intoxicating substances when combined together.


A long journey, and a lot of learnings along the way.

Systers 2019

Playing with effects

Blessed Be 2019

Blessed be to all my Celtic and Pagan friends

Spell Caster 2019

Mixing up words to finally break the spell ...

Forever lost is all reverence  ... see more below

Reverence Lost 2019

All reverence is lost when blood is spilt.  Celt thru and thru. We live, We Lear ... see more below

If Only to Know

Like waking up from a dream, finding yourself still in a dream.

Dragon Wolf

The makings of a new character

Wolven Heart

Enough of the story telling, time for you to decipher the story, if there is a s ... see more below


Are we in control, or do we merely think we are in control?


Reflections upon and within reflections

Four Crows

Four Crows

For Christ sake, is that all you can carry?

.... rest of the po ... see more below

Posing Pedestal

Attempting to get the pose correct, getting there.

Crow Tears B&W

Playing with some ideas in black and white

Crow Tears

Playing with some ideas

Cover My Eyes Version 3

B&W version 2 with some help from Darion and Marina

Cover My Eyes Sepia

Sepia version

Cover my Eyes

And see what you want to see

Strength and Solace

The Muse is defining herself in her strength and solace.

Sirens Gate

It's been a while since I did an epic scene, so I thought I would give it a crack.

Bat out of Hell 2

Mixing it up

Bat out of Hell 1

Came across this awesome bike whilst researching other items.  Thought Id give it a run

Sparhawk 2019

Sparhawk 2019

For all the David Eddings fans out there, Sparhawk's story was  ... see more below

Turn the Cheek 2019

Ironically when have just created one of your finest, and want to shout it out t ... see more below

Carpe Diem (Mousai)

Seize the day, Muse. Between the shores of our souls we continue the dance of rh ... see more below

2019 Porcelain

Experimenting with the dynamics on Z Dress and Z wings

One Finds Oneself

Works in progress, interesting thought with this image, is the viewer actually t ... see more below

Portrait One Finds

Hi all, works in progress, fine tuning the dress and wings.  Hope this finds all well.


Just playing with the new toys, and putting ideas together.  Trying to put the m ... see more below

Barcelonian Nights

Work in progress .. trying out the male version. not much success


One for the Girls, I dont do these often, needed the character to fit the wings. ... see more below

To Be Touched

The Muse has taken the wheel, and wont let me out.

Trapped in 2018

Sometimes we are all a prisoner to the muse.  She has us trapped, or it our own  ... see more below


experimenting with some ideas, and trying to piece them together.  Hoping everyone is OK.  Take Care

Helen Back

Just a quicky experimenting with a few ideas.  Heading off down south for some R ... see more below

CV Coming Soon

A new character is coming soon, Cora Venix.  A play on words incorporating all t ... see more below

Time Line

This image marks the beginning of a new era at 3D Poetry.  Saoirse sets us all o ... see more below