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Posted on the 11th of November 2017

Saoirse (SOR-sha) was the fore runner to newer characters. A true celtic warrioress. She was the transition to DAZ 3D. Modestly tattooed to tempt the soul.

Night Walker

Still defining Saoirse's Night walker skin.  Coming along alright, but not quite ... see more below

Night Walkers

Working on some skins for Saoirse.  Trying to match it all together for the make ... see more below

Nordic Breeze DT

Must have been 15 variations on design. BUT now, the hair, the hair, who are tho ... see more below

Nordic Breeze MOB

Got the Hair Right now.

Twin Self

Mum says no, Back to the drawing board.

Twin Self Front

Back to the drawing board, Something not right

Twin Self Back


Myself 4K

The hair was just not right

Too Myself (Saoirse)

Hmmm OK

Myself (Saoirse)

Can almost see the end of the tunnel

By Myself

But We did come up with some cool desktop wallpaper ideas

Sitting by Myself

And there has been many phases in the evolution of Saoirse

All By Myself

Up and running for the next phase

Experimenting with Saoirse(MOB)

So we need to focus on getting this machine

Experimenting with Saoirse

Worn out from all the story telling

Saoirse Regina (DT)

Once again, One must display their failures in order to improve through humiliation.

Saoirse Regina

WTF, the muse needs to get off the drugs. What is she thinking.

Nother Saoirse (Desktop)

She is back from holiday.

Nother Saoirse (Mobile)

Ahhh, found her.

Saoirses Moons

One must display their failures in order to improve through humiliation.

Saoirse Full Moon

Is it a cape, or a bad attempt at hair.

Saoirse Blue Moon

The soul is definitely there, but she's not shining through.

Saoirse Blood Moon

The muse needs a holiday, it's not happening.

Its Me

AND THEN WTF. Why I ever posted this is beyond me. What was the muse thinking. Hideous.

Upstanding Saoirse 3

Looking good.

Upstanding Saoirse 2

A nip there

Upstanding Saoirse 1

A nip here

Upstanding Saoirse Triptych

She had many alterations performed.


And so the evolution of Saoirse begins

Saoirse Debut

Poser is now a thing of the past. And so Saoirse is born. Pronounced Sor-Sha.