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The Muse 2018

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Posted on the 24th of July 2018

The Styx Gallery displays the darker side of life, making emotional desktop wallpapers easy to create with gothic tides.


Styx on the Rebound

Playing around with reflections and effects.

Original Styx

Working with tats and skins.  Styx has reunited with Aethel in an attempt to improve their skills


Rendered at 75 percent.. noticing flaws in skin tones.  Back to the drawing board.

Shaiya aka Styx and Cora Venix

Many thanks go to DM for their great props and poses. They inspired the creation ... see more below

Styx Raina

An image thats part of a Shaiya compilation coming soon

Styx on Glass

A great idea spawned by DM .. Thanks Heaps

Styx Mirror

A work in progress working with dforce creating clothing for Styx

Styx White Wedding 1

another variation of some new works in progress for Styx's Wardrobe.

Styx White Wedding 2

Demonstrating some new works in progress for Styx's Wardrobe.  Hoping you are all well.

Black Widow Styx

Supernova is coming to Perth.  Styx is going as herself.

Styx Today

Resting Lighting on our new model

Cabaret Styx

Styx in one of her performances on stage.

Styx 33

At the age of 33 Styx gets another tattoo, nah just kidding, she got a new dress

Styx Promo Shoot

Promo shoot for new model Styx. she loves mirrors