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The latest wallpaper was added on the 17th of September 2021

Freedom 2021 was added to the Post2020 Gallery.

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Free fantasy based wallpapers

Most background images are themed on our warrior style females, we design and skin them using Poser and Daz Studio software.


Caution when browsing this site

Some of our images contain very mild nudity, sensually and tastefully created in an effort to tell the story of the artwork.


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Over many a year, as well as being a 3D artist, animator, and creator, we have been known to write poem or two.


Universal Awareness

Stories in lyric form, from the early years.



Poetry and songs written to an amazing woman



Ramblings of a lunitic caught in the wheels of confusion.



The depths of depression bring to light the depths of passion.

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We Are, We are. Two as one, we are many, and we are one.

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